Monday, 18 June 2012

Popshot + Art In The Underbelly exhibition

Last month i was commissioned by Popshot magazine again. They had teamed up with 'Art In The Underbelly', and were collaborating to put on an exhibition to hang the walls of 'The Rumsey Wells' gallery in Norwich. There were 14 poems accompanied with 14 illustrations, and as it was the first time Popshot had ever been commissioned to fill a physical gallery space, everyone was very excited about it!
The gallery was open May 10th-30th, and although i was unable to visit the show myself, (due to another ongoing exhibition), i've had a confirmed great response and even better reviews from those that did make it.

The poem allocated to me was entitled "Berlin Polaroids" by Laura Elliott.

Berlin Polaroids

On the balcony, beneath fanned yellow leaves, 
you fade into the drapery of the covered chair. This evening 
I decide to chase colour; a red apple bulbed 
in a white sugar bowl, tokens tucked into teacups, 
serviette flourishes in champagne flutes, a twisted yolk 

of marbles on a green tie-dyed tablecloth, like folded water.
I am drawn further away from you; ornaments 
in front of windows, flowers like paintings 
brushed on glass, fingertips tapping the sky.
But then, better still, this empty wine bottle 

tucked into the shade of a frame, distinguishable only 
by a flash of light down the flank, reminds me of you, 
flinching in the silver evening as the sun ducks 
below the rooftops and night collapses 
into the courtyard, flaring open the windows 

like eyelids one by one, your skin steeped in smoke 
as a last cigarette unfurls into the dusk. 
So I return to you, the way you can become a colour
through its slow shadows, the way you are composed, 
now tiger striped and rippling fire.

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