Thursday, 30 June 2011

St Charles Bridge

The idea for this piece came from photos of my travels a few years ago, which were taken in the city of prague; which among many other massive attributes, is an architectural masterpiece! in some areas anyway, such as here, St Charles Bridge... This piece is A1, pencil on screenprint, and currently being framed ready to be exhibited in my London show next week. So if you want to come see it, check out 'Brink', 7th-11th July, at freerange on Brick Lane.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Brandenburg Tor

This is a piece of personal work, inspired by my last trip to Berlin, and one of the single most interesting encounters i think i've ever had.
While in a bar, me and a few others were approached by what at first appeared to be a homeless guy (which he probably was to be honest), but turned out to be a nothing short of a philosophical genius. He spoke in a very confused and erratic combination of english and german, but still clearly, and had theories on everything. A few quotes in particular have stayed with me...

"Im an individual soul, I'm only a person when i look in the mirror..."

"The world should be governed by the perfection of productivity..."

I know... utter gold (from an artists perspective anyway, to the average joe he's probably just a f*****g nutter, but still, i liked him). Anyway, he also asked if we wanted to buy songs off him, custom made, that would "enrich our lives every time we read them"; i without pause took him up on his offer. So read on, and i hope your life is enriched because of it...

In the wicked-circumstances, of eternal damnation, we brought the you. On one ticket! Behind the scenes, of war!, there are playing superlinges. Their laugh or the smile comment the last-hook! Yes!, they can fly!