Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Martin Luther King Jr. 'Beyond Vietnam'

This is portrait i did of MLK, originally not intended as a portrait, as it has no link to my current project, but got abit bored and tailed off with it....simply because i can really...

Friday, 26 November 2010


This piece is my contribution to a collaboration created between all my fellow 3rd year illustrators. We've made a recipe book, with a wide variety of... situations covered, and are selling it as a fund raiser for our end of year show.
Now, obviously, living in England, i don't need to highlight to you the huge risk of a bear attack, their everywhere! But don't panic people, with my guide in hand, you can once again walk safely through the park without fear of a ferocious bear attack!
So, if you wish to once again walk freely in your local bear infested woodland, contact me.

Biker Canvas

This is a huge canvas i started with the intention to paint an entire motorcycle gang, butttttt, it was taking way to long and my uni work was suffering/being completely ignored, so i had to stop at just one biker. i may come back to it at another tym... who knows...


Hi people, sorry i haven't updated in a while, been busy. One of the many complex and elaborate reasons has been creating this book!
Based loosely on the theme of 'Anarchy', i've been exploring many new approaches to creating my work, and focusing heavily on developing the compositional elements in my design. I created these images using a combination of photography, projections, and very large scale paintings...