Monday, 30 January 2012

Give Them What They're Scared Of

Recently i've been looking into elements of sport psychology, and the mental preparation athletes go through when preparing for their moment.
I love the idea of someone training religiously, day in day out, mind and body synchronized, with only the obsession for success driving them forward...

(As you can tell, I'm more than a bit excited about the Olympics!)

The original is A2, Pencil on Screenprint.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Character sketch's

I was asked to do some character sketches for a local novelist, he basically wanted to see a few visual interpretations of the characters is his (semi written) book, so from the following descriptions, this is what i produced...

Faolan: "Standing on all fours, the hairy beast was visible within the cave. The oversized wolf vanished. A deep growl resonated from the mouth of the cave. The head of the beast became visible once again as the werewolf padded forward. The beast’s long hair draped around its head in a mangled mess. The creature continued to creep forward until his entire body was exposed to the night air. The rain began to pelt its fur. The hairy creature rose up onto its hind legs. Even though it was hunched at the shoulders, it still appeared to be over six feet tall. It lacked the normal proportions of a human man. The beast’s hands were much too large, with something sharp, and claw-like protruding off the ends. The shadows of the forest and the torrential rain made the details obscure. Yet Adventure no longer had any doubt in his mind. This was no creature that had ever been classified by a scientific textbook. This was a real flesh and blood werewolf. This was Faolan."

Koush: "Roy Koush was ten years younger and a few inches shorter than his partner Chester. His dark hair was slicked back smartly over his narrow forehead. He gently stroked his clean shaven chin with the back of his index finger. From his side profile, two pink scars were visible on either side of his jawline. Wounds from combat. Koush stood in a slim-fit three piece suit, his eyes glaring at Malcolm with contempt."
Troy: "He was pretty scrawny for his height, weighing in at about 135 pounds and just a smidgen over five-foot-eight. Rather than muscles protruding out of his clothes, it was merely skin and bones. He had a wide nose and large lips. His dark eyes were sunken in deep and lay beneath a pair of thin eyebrows. Instead of neat and suave, his hair was messy and untamed, falling just at his ears. always looked as if he had just rolled out of bed."

Unfortunately the book was never published, so i was never able to fully illustrate it, but it was fun none the least.