Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Brandenburg Tor

This is a piece of personal work, inspired by my last trip to Berlin, and one of the single most interesting encounters i think i've ever had.
While in a bar, me and a few others were approached by what at first appeared to be a homeless guy (which he probably was to be honest), but turned out to be a nothing short of a philosophical genius. He spoke in a very confused and erratic combination of english and german, but still clearly, and had theories on everything. A few quotes in particular have stayed with me...

"Im an individual soul, I'm only a person when i look in the mirror..."

"The world should be governed by the perfection of productivity..."

I know... utter gold (from an artists perspective anyway, to the average joe he's probably just a f*****g nutter, but still, i liked him). Anyway, he also asked if we wanted to buy songs off him, custom made, that would "enrich our lives every time we read them"; i without pause took him up on his offer. So read on, and i hope your life is enriched because of it...

In the wicked-circumstances, of eternal damnation, we brought the you. On one ticket! Behind the scenes, of war!, there are playing superlinges. Their laugh or the smile comment the last-hook! Yes!, they can fly!

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